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Florida Marriage Records Search By Names

With a population of about 18 million people, Florida could be the place where you can find your partner for life. It’s not called the sunshine state for nothing. The state also has the ideal weather for weddings with Florida Marriage Records serving as evidence about the many marriages that took place in this state. And should you feel like getting hitched anytime soon, you can add your record to the millions on file.

There are many reasons why people want to marry. There are also many reasons why people want to search for marriage records. If you need information about marriages that took place in Florida, one reason that will grant you access to that information is the Florida Public Records Law. Another state law in 1927 resulted to the centralization of marriage and divorce records. Holding records which date back from June 6, 1927 until the present, the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics takes charge of the maintenance of these records along with other vital statistics such as birth and death records. The office of the county Clerk of Court where the marriage license was issued can also be referred to when it comes to marriage records which took place before June 6, 1927.

Because the public can now access this information, it is easier to conduct searches. People who intend to remarry and need to have a certification of their previous marriage as well as their divorce record can use this as their source. If you want to check whether your prospect husband or wife has an existing or previous marriage, you can also find that out by means of a marriage record search. Or if you were tasked to trace your family genealogy, marriage records are an excellent reference. These and many more are among the reasons why one would search for marriage records.

Since these are considered to be public records, you can get them for free. However, there are also those who charge you a minimal search fee. By forwarding your request to the state or county office, you can get your results in as early as 3 days or as long as 2 to 3 weeks. But you have to endure falling in line, personally submitting your request, and waiting for a few days for the results. You can also choose online professional search services. With online searches, you don’t have to leave your home, fall in line or wait a long time for the results. You can submit information online, click the search button, and immediately get the results. There’s less hassle and more convenience on your part.

You can get a copy of a marriage record for $5.00 per certification, if requested through the state or county office, and $19.95 to $39.95 per record, for online search services. By simply providing the name of the person and the location where the marriage took place, results will be displayed which include the full names of the couple including the wife’s maiden name, the date of marriage, and where the marriage license was issued.

Free Marriage Records or professional search services are widespread online. All you need to do is to look for one which guarantees to deliver the information that you need in the shortest time possible, with 100% accuracy, and the convenience of searching while staying at home.

Florida Marriage Records Quick Access Online

Recent statistics shows that Florida Marriage Records have quadrupled in numbers overtime. Similar to divorce records, any resident may view this document without limitation. There are various locations where these files may be found like in newspapers, official county marriage catalogs, church registers and old family Bibles. A lot of them have been transferred online by now.

Since the state regulation was endorsed in 1927, all marital files began to be centralized in the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics. Matrimonial licenses beginning June 6, 1927 up to now may be availed in this department. However, marriage files before this date can be acquired only from the Clerk of Court where the Marriage License was granted. Order to wed may be requested from the Clerk of Court for occasions before 1972.

Various fees are applicable to request a marriage document in this region. For a specific certification, $5 is required; to add another certification on similar day, $4 each. The fee is necessary to start searching for accounts and cannot be returned even in the case where the document is not found. Payments for data not found may be given back if the requester submits a written appeal.

In order to apply for a marriage certificate through mail, you must forward a signed letter or request which consists of particulars like the full names of the husband and wife, wife’s maiden name, date of wedding, city or county where the marriage license was provided. Don’t forget to specify details regarding the individual sending the claim which includes your full name, mailing address and contact number where you can be reached during office time.

To pay for this request, you may send a check or money order to the Bureau of Vital Statistics along with the demanded charge. If you are not certain of the date of ceremony, allot variety of years to be sought after. An extra cost of $2.00 is prerequisite for every additional year traced if added to your original application. Permit as well two to three weeks to receive results. You may avail of their rush service, but take note of an additional $10 fee for the 3-day processing.

Marriage License Search are valuable pieces of document that are vital to track family tree or even use as basis to check the marital history of a person. Today, thousands of online websites are catering to produce these files for free. If you wish to randomly browse an individual’s record, then you can avail of the complimentary records provider over the Web. But, if you are into serious investigation and need top of the line results then better turn to commercial service providers that require a small fee.