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Kick Your Smoking Habit With These Helpful Tips

Smoking And Autoimmune Diseases

Science has proven nicotine that is present in cigarettes is extremely addictive. This makes quitting smoking a very difficult thing to do. Make sure you know how to reach your goal before quitting.

It is very important that you give up smoking when you have an autoimmune disease, as this can make matters worse, its not easy to give up smoking so try out some of the tips below.

Try to create a list of reasons why you are quitting. Keep it handy. This list will serve as a reminder of all the things that you are getting by quitting in the long run. Every time you feel the urge to smoke, try to take a good long look at your list and it will help you stick to your plan.

Talk to your doctor about prescription medicines. If you want to ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms, consider prescription medications. There are certain medications that affect the chemical balance in your brain and can help reduce cravings. There are also drugs that can reduce bothersome withdrawal symptoms, like inability to concentrate or depression.

If you can think positively and be motivated, then those will work in your favour to help you quit smoking. Just think of the number of ways your life can be improved if you can kick the habit. Know that your breath will be fresher, your teeth will appear cleaner and your home will smell better. While the negative impact of smoking should never be ignored, the positive side to quitting is often an excellent bit of motivation.

Learn how to manage stress. One of the top reasons people smoke is because the nicotine can help them relax. Once you are able to quit, you are going to need to find another way to cope with your stress. You can get massages regularly, listen to relaxing music or learn tai chi or yoga. If you can, avoid situations that cause you a lot of stress while you are quitting and soon after.

Many smokers have certain triggers that create the sudden need for a cigarette, such as feeling stressed, ending a meal, or being at a certain location. When you are trying to quit, avoid these triggers if you can. If you can’t avoid them, come up with some way to distract yourself from the need to smoke.

One way to make it easier to quit smoking is by finding a substitute for cigarettes that you can hold in your mouth or hand. This way, you can gradually replace your cigarettes with something else. A drinking straw can work, or a piece of candy or a pretzel can serve as an effective substitute.

Write down a journal of every time you have a cigarette and what your reasons were for having one. This journal will help you to find out what your smoking triggers are. For some it may be the first morning cigarette, or the need to smoke after a meal. For others, it may be stress. Determining your triggers will help you to figure out a way to fight them.

Smoking is well known to make autoimmune diseases worse, so its really important that you try to give up smoking as the benefits will have a high impact.

Resisting the urge to smoke is very tough because of the addictive nature of tobacco. Giving up cigarettes can seem almost impossible, both physically and mentally. The suggestions you have just read can assist you on your journey. Armed with this information and your own commitment to succeed, you really can stop smoking for good.

Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey Is Not For Everyone

Once you decide that you’ve had enough and you want to change your life and lifestyle, then you also have to decide how you want to go about doing it. This is true with every addiction in the book, be it addiction to abusive relationships, to having affairs, to overeating, to hoarding and also, to nicotine addiction.

When you smoke, it’s nicotine that hooks you to the habit. It’s nicotine that keeps you from breaking free. If you truly want to change and have the will and heart to get through the rough spots, then create a stop smoking timeline, a diary or a journal that will help you understand the many different ways quitting smoking cold turkey will hit you.

Quitting smoking cold turkey is not for everyone. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the undecided. But it is also not for people who because of health reasons cannot be quitting smoking cold turkey just yet. Ask your doctor if this route is workable for you. Because the brain is so used to having nicotine, withdrawal symptoms will occur. It is these withdrawal symptoms that you have to watch out for. You may be impaired when they happen. Ask your doctor for advice because instead of quitting cold turkey, he mat recommend another way.