Monthly Archives: September 2013

I love to buy shoes!

When I need to get out of the house for some time to myself, I often head out to the shoe stores.

It may seem like an odd destination, but it is somewhere I like to go, and this is probably because I just love to buy shoes. I don’t always buy, but chances are good that if I walk in, I am going to walk out again with boxes under my arm. I’m not sure why I love shoes so much; perhaps it is because they are so easy to buy. The fit is not something you have to worry about too much, and they never make you feel fat.

Mass retail shoe stores are all basically alike, but what you will find depends on where you live.

People who live in big cities have it made because stores tend to be a little more trend conscious and therefor have a wider selection of the newest styles.

When I need something that I want to last for a long time, I go somewhere where I know I am going to spend the extra money to get a high quality pair of shoes. This often happens when I need a pair of shoes that will go with a huge variety of outfits, and is something that can withstand the snow and salt of wintertime. These shoe stores have a little more to offer than the others, but aren’t my first choice in shoe shopping.

When I just want fun shoes, shoes for a new occasion, or shoes for no reason at all, I will usually go to the big online fashion resources like Zappos, but when I want to see and touch myself I go to stores like Payless. There I know I don’t have to spend a lot of money but I can find some really great shoes. These shoe stores may not carry the highest quality of shoe, but there is a reason why I like them so much. I have so many shoes that I don’t get to wear them as much as I would like. By the time they have begun to wear out, they are out of style anyway. When I need fun shoes, the cheaper shoe stores are where I go.

You can find shoes online as well. You may not get to try the shoes on first, but you may find things you can find in your local shoe stores. Because shoes are easy to size, you aren’t going to have fit problems like you do with clothes ordered over the Internet, and you are probably not going to have a hard time returning them if they do by some chance not fit right. Just remember to read the return and shipping policies of online shoe stores before you buy so you are aware of your options before you place your order.